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FREE Physio E-Book -8 Top Tips for Hip Pain

Hip pain and stiffness is a common problem and one that can often linger on for a long time. Some who seek help from their GP will be prescribed rest and painkillers, but most of the time this will not solve the problem. 

Here, you'll find our top 8 tips on reducing hip pain and keeping the tissues in your hip strong and healthy. Our FREE e-book will help you to:

  • Reduce your hip pain on your own 
  • Reduce the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis
  • Exercise your hip and buttock muscles safely and effectively
  • Make small changes in your life to relax and support your hips
  • Reduce the inflammation of bursitis or tendinitis

Even if you’ve suffered for months or years and thought nothing could be done, our tips will help you to eradicate your hip pain and teach you how to maintain healthy hips once and for all.

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Gill Moss, London

“Super place, the staff here are great and put you at ease. Been having problems with my hip and after a course of treatment with Quinton I am pain free and have full range of movement. Highly recommended.” Google Review

Karen Borwick, Edinburgh

“At The Physiotherapy Place in Portobello it’s no fuss, no hassle, just results! I saw Niall with running related IT band issues.  I was hobbling with 2 weeks to go, I thought I’d have to drop the Berlin Marathon.  He’s done a great job in helping out and one session later there was a marked improvement.  I was able to run and complete my first marathon with no niggles, a testament to his work.  Thank you from the bottom of my IT band, couldn’t have done it without your professional care!
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Maryanne Harkess, Edinburgh

“Was so glad I heard about The Physiotherapy Place.  I was treated by Niall who was just fantastic. I had been suffering for a long time with back; hips, neck and shoulder pain , tennis elbow...in fact was pretty much in pain everywhere. I could not do my regular exercise classes anymore. I had been going to a chiropractor for years previously. I am happy to say that the treatment I received from Niall has definitely improved things drastically for me..” Google Review