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FREE e-book - 8 Quick Ways To Fix Neck Pain

There are lots of people out there who assume they just have a 'bad neck' that they have to live with. Some who seek help from their GP will be prescribed rest and painkillers, but most of the time, this will not solve the problem. 

Here, you'll find our top 8 tips on reducing stress on your neck and keeping the tissues in your neck strong and healthy. Our FREE e-book will help you to:

  • Eradicate neck pain without painkillers 
  • Prevent and treat pinched nerves
  • Stretch your neck muscles
  • Significantly reduce the stiffness and pain of arthritis
  • Fix your neck ache permanently

Even if you’ve suffered for months or years and thought nothing could be done, our tips will help you to eradicate your neck ache and teach you how to maintain your healthy neck once and for all.

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Simon King, Edinburgh

“Simply the best. I've tried many forms of massage therapy over the last 15 years, for stiff shoulders and neck (the usual computer-use-related things). Niall's physio work, plus the magic of Gunn IMS, has been a revelation. More effective and longer-lasting than anything else I've tried. I'll be a regular here (but not too often, of course!)” Google Review

Karen Lacey, Edinburgh

“I had my first appointment yesterday and for the first time in about 6 years had a pain free sleep. I can’t thank you enough. The clinic has a very clean professional friendly atmosphere. I will definitely recommend to family and friends.” Facebook Review

Janie Corley, Edinburgh

“Niall has recently treated my long-standing neck and shoulder problems. After a few sessions using IMS, my almost daily headaches and neck tension, have improved beyond measure. In fact, I haven't had a headache now for over two months. Niall is friendly and professional, and always explains exactly what he is doing and why. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others.” Google Review