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FREE Physio E-Book - 8 Quick Ways To Fix Shoulder Pain

One of the most common problems that we see in the clinic is shoulder pain. Some who seek help from their GP will be prescribed rest and painkillers, but most of the time, this will not solve the problem. 

Here, you'll find our top 8 tips on reducing shoulder pain and keeping the tissues of your shoulder strong and healthy. Our FREE e-book will help you to:

  • Eradicate shoulder pain without painkillers 
  • Prevent and treat pinched nerves
  • Stretch your shoulder muscles
  • Make small changes in your life to  support your shoulders
  • Fix your neck ache permanently

Even if you’ve suffered for months or years and thought nothing could be done, our tips will help you to eradicate your shoulder pain and teach you how to maintain healthy shoulders once and for all.

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Sue Simpson, Edinburgh

“The care and treatment I received from Quinton for a complicated fracture of my arm was excellent. Highly recommend.” Google Review

Kate Sang, Edinburgh

“I attended after a car accident and my GP had dismissed physio. Niall really did help. Not only did he listen and carefully take notes, he assessed my symptoms well and the treatment was effective. Will definitely go back if i have any other issues.” Google Review

Jasmine Fyve, Edinburgh

“Niall was brilliant when I went in in agony with a frozen shoulder; he somehow squeezed me in despite being so busy, and his treatment was amazing- totally better the following day. Following his advice,  I haven't had another episode since.” Google Review